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2019.01.16 14:38
"Hey HelloTalkers! 😄So a few days ago Hellotalk ran a new year's competition asking its users to make a wish and Hellotalk would do its best to make that wish come true!

Well, the competition proved to be extremely popular with more than 2000 wishes submitted, including my wish!

❤My wish was to visit the Hellotalk head office someday!

I didn't think that my wish would ever come true, but it somehow did! 😍🙌🍻I managed to WIN a competition for the first time on this app!

Hellotalk promptly invited me to their head office which I gladly accepted of course!

🇬🇧✈️🇨🇳 After a few days I was all packed and ready for my 12 hour flight to Shenzhen, China from London!

I was beyond ecstatic to visit China for the first time in my life, 😭 but I also wasn't sure how I was going to survive in China without knowing much of the language!

So I decided to learn some Chinese by using the Hellotalk app beforehand 🤓 📞 and in the process made some wonderful Chinese friends!

Upon arriving in Shenzhen, I was greeted and welcomed by the wonderful Willow who is one of the staff at Hellotalk.

🙋 She briefly showed me around the city and explained how this small coastal city became known as "The Silicon Valley of China" as well as "China's Most Innovative City". 📲💻📷If you google Shenzhen you'll find it is a major city in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong with 100s of tech start-ups, which of course includes Hellotalk as well.

🍜🍱🍧 After showing me around and eating some of the finest local food, Willow finally took me to the Hellotalk office.

My wish came true! 😘 I was given the chance to walk around the office and take some pictures with the beautiful logo at the entrance to the office then finally was handed a hellotalk goody bag which included various Hellotalk branded stuff such as T-shirts, pens, stickers, etc.

😊 HelloTalk, thank you for everything!"

It's written by the luckiest user Zak! Nice trip!
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