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2018.12.15 14:44
Happy Birthday to HelloTalk!
Thank you for everything ❤️

It’s very important to interact with native speakers to improve your target language, because only textbook knowledge is not enough if you want to be fluent in any language. That’s why, (based on my personal experience) HelloTalk is the best app to improve your language. ☺

When I started this app in 2015, I only knew few basic greetings in Japanese and used to write in romaji. Now, in 2019, I passed JLPT N2, and I can read and understand Japanese newspapers and novels (with help of dictionary obviously 😂 ). Also, I have no problem having daily conversation with Japanese people. 😊

I could achieve it because of all the kind and helpful Japanese friends I made through this app. 🇯🇵 😍
I used to have at least 1 hour phone call with my Japanese friends everyday. ( speaking and listening practice 😚)
Also, I made sure to write at least 1 post in Japanese everyday, and comment on other Japanese people’s posts. ( reading and writing practice 😚)

My next aim is to master Korean language 😂 I hope I can find many Korean friends to help me! 🇰🇷

I was lucky to meet so many lovely people through this app. I have met around 30+ people through this app and everyone was wonderful.
Also, I met my closest friend in Fukuoka through this app. ☺️
Thank you very much HelloTalk ❤️
Best app!


1. presents from my HelloTalk friends, while I was living in India.
2. Places I met my HelloTalk friends. ( Mumbai, 🇮🇳
Tokyo, Osaka, fukuoka 🇯🇵
Seoul, 🇰🇷 )
3. My closest friend in Fukuoka (I met her through this app ❤️ )

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Learn with millions of native speakers using our mobile apps

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